Posted by: Sarah | August 5, 2012

Official Flag Flying Days In Norway

If you go out of Oslo into the more residential areas, it won’t be long until you notice flag poles everywhere.  The Norwegians are incredibly proud of their flag and fly it every year on May 17th – Constitution Day.

But that’s not the only day you’ll notice houses/apartments flying the flag.  There are ‘official flag flying days’ in Norway.  Not everyone follows them but we notice a flurry of flag flying a few times during the year.  There are other rules about when to hoist and when to lower the flag depending on whether it’s a pendent flag or normal flag.  I won’t cover that in this post :-)

Here’s the official list:

1     January New Year’s Day
21   January HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s birthday
6     February Sami People’s Day
21   February HM King Harald V’s birthday
1     May Public holiday
8     May Liberation Day 1945
17   May Constitution Day
7     June Dissolution of the union with Sweden in1905
4     July HM Queen Sonja’s birthday
20   July HRH Crown Prince Haakon Magnus’ birthday
29   July St Olav’s Day (Olsok – see my last blog post)
19   August HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s birthday
25   December Christmas Day
Movable Easter Sunday
Movable Whit Sunday
Movable Election day (parliamentary elections)


  1. As another expat mom in Norway, I love your blog, Sarah! Don’t forget that you fly the flag on your home’s flag stand if you have a birthday (especially of a child) in the house. Even barnehager fly the national flag when a child there has a birthday to celebrate, rather than their more low key green barnehage flag. Our kids are very excited to put the flag out for their friends this year!

    • Oh yes – you know I saw the flag at the local barnehage the other day and thought “that’s a bit strange, i don’t think that aligns with my list of official days” but you’re right – you can fly the flag on birthdays!

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