Posted by: Sarah | August 18, 2012

A Trip To The Tip…With A Norwegian Twist

We’ve recently moved house again – this time a little closer to Oslo. As with most house moves, you come to realise just how much junk you manage to accumulate over a period of time (Just a side note – if you’re moving in the Oslo area I would highly recommend FlytteService).  We have been putting off a visit to the tip for sometime – partly because we didn’t know where the closest one was and partly because we didn’t know what to do.

So why a blog post about a simple trip to a refuse site?  Well, it’s quite different to what I remember in the UK so I wanted to record the memory as it’s often the little experiences that you forget.

First you have to pay to get rid of rubbish.  Not a bad idea considering all the landfill sites are bulging at the moment.  The one we went to (ISI in Bærum) cost 700NOK per ton of rubbish.  Our little trip only cost 50NOK (hardly worth it) but the view was pretty stunning – don’t remember seeing mountains like that when tipping rubbish in the UK.

When you’re in there you have to sort everything into the appropriate skips.  In the UK you sort things to some extent e.g. metal and electrical items in a separate area.  Everything else goes into one big skip.

So how do they know how much you have thrown away?

Here’s the thing…they weigh the entire car (including you) before you go into the tip and give you an electronic card.  They then weigh the car when you drive back out and you pay the difference.  What a great way to manage the whole the process!  That said there are always cheats.  The van in front had two guys who walked into the refuse site, helped to unload the truck and then got back in to drive out to increase the weight of the van on the exit.  Very crafty but very clever.


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