Posted by: Sarah | August 29, 2012

10 Things You Should Know About Norwegian Trolls

When you travel to Norway you will see little troll souvenirs everywhere.  Norway is quite well-known for its trolls (as well as fjords and oil) and after watching Trollhunter this weekend I discovered some facts about trolls that I didn’t know before – I just had to share them with you since I’ve not written about trolls on this blog before!  Believe if you will :-)

  1. Trolls are mammals
  2. There are two types – mountain trolls and woodland trolls
  3. They live for 1000 – 12000 years
  4. They are born with one head and one eye but as they age they grow two more heads to scare away other trolls but they still only have one eye
  5. They eat charcoal and concrete
  6. They only explore at night
  7. When exposed to light, trolls with either turn to stone (if they’re young) or explode (if they’re older)
  8. They can only become parents once in their lifetime
  9. They aren’t very smart
  10. When you see electric pylons in the mountain areas of Norway they are actually electric fences to keep the trolls in their marked territory – they are not used for supplying electricity


  1. Excellent movie, wasn’t it? I like your list a lot and will see pylons in a new light from now on :))

    • I know -driving up to Gardemoen this morning I thought it was perfect territory for woodland trolls :-)

  2. Very scholarly and lucid! What about Troll Treasure? (Could that be at the end of the Rainbow?)
    And are they good at mending shoes as in the Emerald Isle?

  3. I realise you posted this last year but I found you via Pinterest but 7 has them the wrong way around. They turn to stone when they’re older and explode when they’re young. I watched this movie yesterday. I love things about mythical creatures and will soon be moving to Norway so it was brilliant for me :-)

    • Brilliant – thanks Natalie – I shall update the post :-)

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