Posted by: Sarah | February 26, 2013

Keeping Babies Warm When They Nap In Sub-Zero Temperatures

subzero bbcAlmost a year ago to the day I wrote a blog post titled “Leave My Baby Sleeping Outside In The Snow – Are You Kidding?” – I attended one of the first Barselstreff sessions where everyone happily left their newborns to sleep outside in the cold!  Well, it seems that perhaps I wasn’t the only one shocked at this behaviour.

Just last week the BBC News website published an article titled “The babies who nap in sub-zero temperatures” explaining how this Scandinavian habit helped babies to sleep longer.   Then I saw the Norwegian response to the BBC article via Aftenposten (see translated article here via Google Translate) where I think Norwegians are quite amused that the British find this habit so strange!

I’m now experiencing winter number 2 with a child and I’m coming around to the idea that perhaps letting baby sleep outside is a pretty good idea…providing they’re dressed correctly.  So here are my top tips to making sure baby is wrapped up and ready for nap time!

  • If it’s colder than -10 degrees keep baby indoors
  • lillelamBabies can lose a lot of heat through their heads, hands and feet so make sure you use wool to keep these parts of the body well insulated – 2 layers may be necessary in really cold temperatures
  • Use wool under layers (e.g. tops and trousers) – if cotton gets wet the baby will get cold.  Wool keeps the heat close to the skin and is essential if baby is sleeping outside.  You can buy wool under layers at Barnas Hus, BabyShop and H&M
  • Norwegians will use wool outer layers too – thick knitted all-in-one suits.  Similar to the Lillelam clothes you can buy but you can probably find cheaper
  • voksiA good sleeping bag (Vognpose) is essential.  Some of the popular brands in Norway include Voksi, Troller and LAMMY.   All are pretty good but make sure you get one that is thick enough for outdoor sleeping – some of them have a wool base and others don’t.
  • You may decide to top off the sleeping bag with a woolen blanket.  Most of the mums-to-be I met started knitting their own blankets as soon as they found out they were pregnant.  In my case, my Mum knitted a blanket and it’s lovely – ready for baby number 2!
  • neonateOur health adviser told us never to put a blanket over the hood of the pram bag because it can get too hot.  Keep the stroller bag ventilated.
  • Use a baby call system so you can hear if baby wakes up.  We bought NeoNate and it’s brilliant – portable, good battery life and keeps an eye on the temperature just in case it gets a little too cold!

Any other top tips to share?


  1. In cold temperature you have to keeping your babies warm..For that you have to write very nice article.

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