Posted by: Sarah | April 28, 2013

Travelling Around Oslo With Mobile Ticketing From Ruter

We took a trip into Oslo today in search of a playground in Aker Brygge for Lizzie but we didn’t find the playground and Lizzie pretty much slept for the entire 2 hours we were out.  Not quite the success we were hoping for however, I learned a new travel trick from Eliot that I wanted to share.

flexusSince a few months ago the Oslo transportation company (Ruter) stopped the usage of clip cards on public transport.  When travelling on bus, train or tram you could pay by cash (most expensive), a weekly/monthly/annual pass or Flexus Kort (some savings) or using a clip card (convenient).  Well, it seems that Ruter have stopped the clip cards and Flexus card and introduced an easy to use mobile app…it’s pretty impressive.

Oslo is split into zones and the pricing structure is pretty clear as to what you pay to travel across each zone.

Rarely Travels:  The most expensive way to travel is to buy your ticket at time of travel.

oslo_passTourist For A Weekend:  If you’re visiting as a tourist, the most efficient ticket for you is the Oslo Pass which gives you 24, 28 or 72 hours of travel across all public transport and zones plus many museum passes.

Regular Commuter:  If you travel regularly on public transport the most efficient ticket for you is to use the Reisekort option and fill it up with tickets.  When we lived near Sandvika I would update my Reisekort with monthly tickets across two zones so I could travel on bus or train each day.  You just need to remember to scan every time you use it.


Irregular Traveller:  If you don’t travel regularly but want the flexibility you can also use the Reisekort Pay-As-You-Go credit option where you can load up money onto your card and then use it when you need to.  If you’re in zone 1 you’ll be spared the surcharge when you scan and it will automatically deduct the amount.  If you’re crossing two zones you need to get the driver or ticket machine to deduct the amount from your card and validate your ticket.

The Ultimate Mobile Option:  If you’re not a regular traveller you may want to try the new mobile app from Ruter – a super easy way to buy a ticket on-the-go available on iPhone, Android and Microsoft phone.  Simply download the app, register for an account and add a credit card so you can buy a ticket.

Step 1: Select your route/zone and how many are travelling

Step 2: Confirm your purchase

Step 3: View the confirmation screen – this is what you show a conductor should someone need to see your ticket!

 ruterbillett_iPhonescreen_til-fra   ruterbillett_iPhonescreen_bekreft   ruterbillett_iPhonescreen_billett

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