Posted by: Sarah | May 18, 2013

Norway A Favourite In Tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest

Oslo paradeFirst of all I’d like to say “Gratulerer med dagen” to you all.  Yesterday, the 17th of May, is the National Day in Norway and like pretty much everyone else in Oslo we made our way into city to see the children’s parade, watch the royal family stand for hours waving from the palace balcony and eat lots of ice cream.

All this whilst waddling around at 9 months pregnant – I did keep the 113 ambulance number firmly locked in my head should we need a quick exit to a maternity ward :-)

Oslo palaceToday, the 18th of May, is a special day for Eliot and I because it marks 4 years of living in Norway.

Two days before we were due to move we were staying with my parents and watching Eurovision.  That was the same year that Norway won the competition so I was pretty excited to think that I would be watching it live in Norway the following year.  Well, tonight Eurovision will hit our screens again and it looks to be a battle between the Nordics.

It’s being hosted in Malmö in Sweden.  Denmark is the favourite to win and Norway is the second favourite to win.  I’m a Brit at heart so I have to mention the British entry where tactfully we’re trying to revive the career of Bonnie Tyler and appeal to some of her loyal fans across Europe to help boost the votes a little…hmmmmm….not sure that’s going to work to be honest!

Anyway, here are the entries from Denmark, Norway and United Kingdom.  You can decide the favourite for yourself :-)



Great Britain:


  1. For some reason Norway is always a favorite in this competition (At least in our own eyes). I can’t remember one year where some paper, radio program or TV program hasn’t proclaimed us favorites (even back in the seventies when we got 0 points twice” :-)

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