Posted by: Sarah | June 26, 2013

10 Things We’ll Miss About Norway…Time To Move On

Emma LilyWe’ve been a little quiet these last few weeks because our second little princess arrived into the world.

Emma Lily was born on the 21st May at 2.53pm at Bærum Hospital weighing in at 3.6kg and 49cm long.  I had planned for a “17th May” National Day baby but I guess you just can’t predict these things :-)  We’re all feeling pretty healthy and happy as well as completely shattered due to the lack of sleep!

As you may have already worked out from the title of this post, circumstances are about to change for our little family of four.  After a lot of consideration, conversation and deliberation both Eliot and I have decided to close the chapter on our Norwegian adventure and move back to the UK to pursue new challenges.

It has been quite a tough decision because we truly love this country and have had such a fantastic time discovering the culture, the traditions as well as nature.  Now we have a little family we feel it’s time to establish some roots and given that Lizzie is starting to think her grandparents live in the iPad (Facetime) we figured it’s time to move closer to family.  Not only that, we’ve bought a plot of land in the UK and intend to start a new adventure – designing and building our family home.  Watch out for a new blog about that adventure!

So what will we miss most about Norway?

  1. Our wonderful friends:  When you live abroad you don’t have family around you so your friendship network becomes really strong.  We’ve met some lifelong friends in Norway and we’re so grateful for that.
  2. The stunning nature and scenery:  It’s like nothing we have seen elsewhere in the world – the fjords, the landscapes and the stunning lakes and coastlines
  3. My 10 minute walk to work:  This is an absolute luxury given my commute in the UK will become a 3 hour round trip.  Not looking forward to that.
  4. The three extra letters Å, Ø, Æ:  I know it sounds daft but it will take some time getting used to an English keyboard again!
  5. The patriotism:  I love the way the Norwegians celebrate their heritage and nationality.  Almost every property has a flag pole and all the barnehage’s celebrate birthdays by flying the flag.  It’s so special.
  6. The beautiful snowy winters:  I will certainly miss those Christmas card scenes – I won’t miss shovelling our car out of the driveway.
  7. The long summer days:  Whilst the Norwegian summer doesn’t last long, the days do and it’s lovely to have the sunshine almost 18 hours a day!
  8. United Bakeries:  The fruit scones are delicious…enough said!
  9. Bread:  The fresh bread in Norway is the best.  I shall miss the little slicing machines you find in the supermarkets :-)
  10. Certain months of the year:
    • May:  Lots of bank holidays in this month
    • June:  When you get a lump sum of ‘holiday pay’
    • November:  When you only pay half the tax on your income – an Xmas gift from the government

Given that both of our gorgeous girls were born here I think we will forever hold a close connection to Norway.  There is something rather special about this place that neither Eliot or I will forget.  We just feel like part of us will always belong in Norway – who knows, one day we may even return to this amazing country :-)


  1. All the best Sarah, I hope you continue to write, I’m really interested in hearing about “repatriation” stories :-)

  2. Thank you for all your “stories” that you shared with us. And I wish you all the best back in UK.

  3. Can’t believe you’re moving back ‘there’ after living here for so long. Good luck, but you won’t find me envying you! :-D

  4. Never posted before from here in Manchester (Sunny today!) but followed your blog. Just to wish you all the best, keep on keepin’ on! x

  5. Congrats! The website has been so much help to me working in Norway! :-)

  6. Congratulations on all your big changes! Your blog has been so helpful to me. Best of luck with everything!

  7. I’ve loved reading about your adventures in Norway. Hope you are settling back in to being back in the UK. It sure is a beautiful country.

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