Posted by: Sarah | August 22, 2013

A Guide For New Mothers In Oslo, Norway

emmaOur little Emma reached her 3rd month yesterday.  I can hardly believe how quickly the time has gone by – she is growing so quickly.

Anyway, it made me realise that whilst I’d written a post on how to get your hands on free stuff for your baby, I hadn’t covered other resources that might be useful for new Mums…especially those in my local area of Oslo.

I hope you find it useful!

BabyPost1Facebook:  The International MOther and BAby Group Oslo
A great place to meet other new Mums, exchange tips, find a babysitter, ask questions or arrange play dates to keep you busy.  Becoming a new Mum in a country that isn’t familiar can be quite hard so this support network is fantastic for both baby and non baby related topics.  I saw recommendations for plumbers the other day!

AlfaSkolenWant to learn Norwegian?  This course is designed for parents
A group of new Mums have been gathering together to organise a course via Alfa Skolen where a baby sitter will be provided so you can concentrate on learning Norwegian.  It’s a fantastic idea.  The best idea is to ring Alfa Skolen directly to see if a group has been set up and whether there is space for you to join.  It’s also a great way to meet other Mums.

BabyPost2Oslo For Mothers Book
This useful guide for Mums in Oslo is a perfect read if you want to learn more about the baby friendly eateries around Oslo , pregnancy process and the type of clothes to buy for barnehage then this is the book for you.   Available via

Looking for things to do whilst on Maternity or Paternity Leave?
This website offers a wealth of information about all the different things you can do in and around the Oslo area during your leave.  It lists the child friendly cafes, a number of activities you can do for children of different ages and goes on to offer other tips for travelling.  They update it pretty regularly – I found it quite useful when trying to find things to do with Lizzie during July when the barnehage was closed all month!

BabyPost3Baby/Toddler Groups – Meet other Mums
There are a couple west of Oslo that might be of interest.  The Asker Group meets every Monday (10 – 12) at Solbråveien 49, 1383 Asker.  There’s also an International Mums group that meet at Høvik Kirke Hall on Wednesdays (10.30 – 12).  There is also Karma Babies – an English baby/toddler group that meets in Oslo.  Includes singing, dancing and yoga.  They also hold a coffee morning every Friday.

Birthday Celebration Locations
If you have a child’s birthday approaching then consider some of these options as a place to hold a party.  Great resource from the site

Any other recommendations I can add to the list?


  1. Hi, it feels fantastic seing recommendations for the group imobago and the book Oslo for Mothers! I am really glad that you found our community :)
    Could you please include the link for the purchase of the book instead of amazon? This is my own bookstore where I sell the book. Thank you in advance, Katalin (founder of imobago)

    • Sure – will do Katalin!

  2. thank you Sarah!

  3. Hi I am a mom of 3 and a comic and I am coming to Oslo for my first time for 3 shows. I comedy is all about parenting and relationships. I would love to see you all there. A mom’s night out. Here are the details.
    3 nights only March 25,28, and 29 @21:00
    LATTER pa Aker Brygge
    Adr:Holmensgate 1, 0250 Oslo
    Tickets:23 11 88 00 / 815 33 133

    • How did it go Kate?

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