Posted by: Sarah | September 2, 2013

My Norwegian Survival Kit

Well, I’m sat here on the eve of our departure from Norway after four and half wonderful years exploring this amazing country.  At some stage (when I have a little more time) I’m going to post a summary of our adventures but the best part of our adventure has to be the wonderful friends we’ve made along the way.

Over the last few days I’ve received such wonderful gifts  – I’m calling it my Norwegian Survival Kit.  Here’s the summary:

My choir friend, Liv, bought me a selection of what the English would find to be oddly named food items.  Would we really eat Bog and Sodd?  She also bought me a selection of sweets and chocolates with the extra Norwegian letters Å, Ø and Æ – just so I don’t forget these additional letters of the alphabet.  The Laban Deilige Damer sweets in the yellow packet are a recent addition to the jelly men that were on sale after folks in Norway suggested it were unfair just to have men shaped sweets – there should be lady shaped ones too and so they were created.

























My wonderful friends at work presented me with two his and hers mugs in the Norwegian Marius design that is a famous knit pattern that many associate with Nordic clothing.  I had some wonderful chocolate hearts from Freia (the only chocolate brand that comes close to Cadbury’s in my opinion) and some fantastic Marius muffin cases.  I’m a mad keen baker so this was right up my street.  Thank you Cathrine, Ann Kristin and Tanya.

























Finally, our dear friends Line and Anders, gave us a bottle of wine together with chocolate and a book about Norway that’s written in both English and Norwegian so we don’t ever stop trying to learn the language.   So when I’m missing the country I can snuggle up on the sofa, grab a glass of vino and look at all the pictures that remind me of what makes Norway so wonderful.  Tonight they presented us with a photo album of all the great times we’ve had together.  Such amazing memories.  Thank you so much guys xx

























I am a little surprised (but quite relieved) that no-one bought me a packet of brown cheese.  That stuff really has to stay in Norway and not be allowed out of its borders :-)


  1. Good luck Sarah back in the UK. I hope everything goes well for you and your family. I have loved your blog which I found when I moved here to Nordstrand three months ago from Shropshire! I know I am going to love Norway… and all things Norwegian with the same passion as you do. I just wish I could make more friends, but as it is only my husband who is working here I need to find some sociable things to do in the daytime. Anyway, all the very best to you in your move home. x

    • Thank you Bobbie and good luck with your adventures in Norway. It’s such an amazing place and the people are wonderful once you get to know them. I suggest joining a local club of choice e.g. singing, art – whatever interests you. You’ll meet some fantastic folks who can show you the true Norway

  2. Thank you for a glimpse into your life in Norge. Wonderful!

    • Thanks!

  3. My English partner doesn’t like brown cheese either. Although he claims it is tolerable if you put piri piri sauce on it…

    • Ah ha – interesting. Maybe try that if I ever get brown cheese over here :-)

  4. Definitely agree about brown cheese! :) It is something i am never gonna miss too :)

    • Ha ha – with you on that

  5. I’m oddly sad you are leaving Norway. I enjoyed reading your posts before I went for my year and have enjoyed them since I returned home to the U.S. Your updates from the Land of Ice & Snow have been another thread that kept me feeling connected there, even when I couldn’t remain myself. However, I cannot agree with you on the Cadbury vs Freia–nothing tops Firkløver in my opinion. Thank you for the fun updates & good luck in your further endeavors!

    • Awwwww – thanks Violet. So kind of you. I miss the country a lot so it’s a little sad that this blog will come to a close soon :-(

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