Posted by: Sarah | October 16, 2013

Selling A Car In Norway


I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks.  Just before we left Norway i started to dabble on – a website for selling everything and anything.  From big items like cars and houses to garden furniture and baby wraps.  You name it.  I sold it.  I was getting so much satisfaction that I start rooting through the garage to see what else I could get rid of.  Eliot did mention at one point that he was glad he had legs otherwise he probably would have been sold on Finn.

Anyway, selling a car is a little more complicated and I wanted to record the process here just in can any other expats wanted to do the same.  In the UK it’s easy.  You agree a price, you sign a bit of paperwork, send it off and hey presto…you’ve sold your car.  Not in Norway!

We sold our car to the lovely lady who looked after Lizzie.  I have to acknowledge her husband in this post because he was the one that told us how all this worked.  Here’s the process.

  1. Advertise your car is for sale – use, put a sign in your car, ask your friends to share your advert via Facebook – you’ll be surprised how far that method will get you in Norway!
  2. When you get a buyer, agree a price and complete a “Kjøps Kontrakt” or Sales Contract.  This is where you state the price, the parties involved and the agreed hand over date.  Your buyer will need to take this to the bank to arrange the money transfer.
  3. Complete the “Salgsmelding” or Sales Message.  This form has to be delivered to the “Statens Vegvesen” at least 3 days after the car is transferred to the new owner.  It’s easier if both you (the seller) and the buyer both go to the local Statens Vegvesen together and transfer the documents at the same time.
  4. When you make the trip to the Statens Vegvesen make sure you also take the “Vogn kortets del 2” which is part two of the cars registration form.  This is the document you get when you bought the car originally.

So in short, there are many forms and processes to follow but I think I’ve covered them all in order.  Hope this is useful if you’re selling a car in Norway!



  1. thanks a lot. i heard about when I arrived but have never used it. Thanks for your blog. I’m studying at the uni of bergen and also started a blog of my own. u can check it out at

    • Super – love the blog! Hope you’re enjoying Bergen. Fantastic city. Rains a lot though :-) Finn is AWESOME. You can get everything there. Check it out.

  2. Good luck with the new start!

    – your blog reader

    • Thank yoU!

  3. Many thanks! This has helped heaps!

    • You’re very welcome Chris!

  4. Hi, thank you for the information, how much did you pay for your advertisement?

    • Hi – I can’t remember. I think it was something like 450 NOK…I think it depends on the value of the car.

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