Posted by: Sarah | May 16, 2014

99p Fish And Chip Celebration On Norwegian National Day!

FishandChipsTomorrow we will be celebrating our first Norwegian National Day in the UK.  Five years ago to this day we didn’t know anything about this celebration.  Two days later we moved our entire life to Norway and realised we just missed out on the biggest day in the Norwegian calendar.

Five years on we’re living back in the UK but feel that we should be celebrating in some way.  Both of our daughters were born in Norway and we just feel it’s important they remember their roots so we’ve decided it’s a celebration that we will keep in our calendar much like we’ve stopped shopping on Sunday – we’ve managed to keep this up for the last 9 months!

I follow the Norwegian Embassy in London on Facebook and today I saw a post advertising “Fish n Chips for 99p on 17th May”.  I clicked on the link and discovered that to celebrate the Norwegian National day, The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) and a number of Norwegian Frozen At Sea fishing vessels have come together to launch a UK-first partnership that will see 99 fish and chip shops offer their customers a portion of their favourite takeaway for just 99p.

According to the Norwegian Embassy website, “Together, the vessels have gifted an enormous 16 tonnes of sustainable caught Norwegian cod to 99 British fish fryers to commemorate the bicentenary of the Norwegian constitution, and to share the cod that is available in abundance in Norway’s Barents Sea. This gift will enable the 99 stores to serve up to nearly 40,000 portions nationwide.”.  I also think this is a reflection of the strong bond that exists between the UK and Norway.

I couldn’t quite believe this so I phoned up my local chippy and sure enough, the offer is actually happening.

How cool is that?

So, if you’re in the UK tomorrow and fancy tasting some delicious Norwegian produce, then get down to your local chippy and ask for the 99p cod deal.  Here’s a list of participating fish and chip restaurants.  It’s first come, first served and unlike Norway, folks will probably be in an orderly queue :-)

Gratulerer med dagen :-)



  1. Enjoy your 17th of May! We will be walking with the ‘korps’ and schools tomorrow past the Crown Prince and his family in Asker.
    No fish and chips for us though :-(

  2. No fish and chips during our time in Bergen on Saturday; mostly the traditional ice cream and hot dogs, although I did see other immigrant booths with their tempting foods. Thanks for an interesting post about celebrating Norway in the UK!

    • You’re very welcome Cindi!

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