Grammar: Da & Når

Da and Når both mean “When” so how do you know when to use “Da” and when to use “Når”.  Here are the rules…

We use “Da” when we refer to a definite point in time or period in the past.  For example:

We use Når for a point of time in the future.  For example:
Når jeg har spart nok prenger, skal jeg reise på ferie = When I have spare money, I shall travel on holiday

 We also use Når


  1. In language class I was taught a useful way of remembering which of these to use: “En gang da, hver gang når”.

    • Brilliant – what a great saying – must remember! We’re starting berlitz lessons next week…I’m hoping for a marked improvement!

  2. Have you seen DNB’s new advertising campaign? Bank fra DA til NÅ :)

    • Hey David – I haven’t seen it. Do you have a YouTube link? I tried searching for it but couldn’t find it.

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