Hei hei og velkommen til vår blogg!
Eliot and I (Sarah) have taken a leap and decided to pack up and move from the UK to Norway.  We moved here on the 18th May 2009 and we’ve put this site together for anyone interested in following our experiences in the “land of the midnight sun”.  We’ll let you know what we’re up to, cultural things we’ve learned, holiday tips and tricks (for anyone wishing to come to Norway) plus all sorts of facts that we pick up along the way. I hope you enjoy the journey with us! 
Eliot and Sarah


  1. Hello there!

    Nice to see you’ve settled in. Hope everything will be ok for a visit at some point, but until then I’ll keep up with your exploits. Looks like a beautiful place.


    • Hi Mark – great to hear from you and we’d love to host you and family over here! Let me know when. Sarah

  2. Hi and welcome to Oslo!

    Todays tip from me will be:

    A street bicycle race called: Oslo Grand Prix – tonight at 19:15 – Universitetsplassen (Start&Finish)

    It is a one and a half hour street race – and the most profiled professionals in this race are:

    1. Lance Armstrong, Astana,
    2. Thor Hushovd, Cervélo Test Team,
    3. Gabriel Rasch, Cervélo Test Team,
    4. Kurt Asle Arvesen, Team SAXO Bank,
    5. Stuart O’Grady, Team Saxo Bank,
    6. Jens Voigt, Team Saxo Bank,
    7. Philippe Gilbert, Silence-Lotto,
    8. Brett Lancaster, Cervélo Test Team,
    9. Franco Pellizotti, Liquigas,
    10. Heinrich Haussler, Cervélo Test Team.

    From 17:00 there will be the final for “Tour of Norway” – a bicycle race for the kids in the same track as the professionals


  3. Eliot and Sarah
    Have just watched the video and it had me in stitches! We moved lock, stock and barrel to Norway in December 2008. We moved here from North East Scotland and, are currently renting in Nøtterøy which is quite near Tønsberg. My husband, David, is an enginner and works in Drammen. We have two kdis, Lauren 15 and Craig 14 and they both attend Skagarek International School in Sandefjord. We have 2 collie crosses and 4 cats and are enjoying the different way of life. Do you both speak Norwegian? We have signed up at the local college for Norwegian evening classes (cost a fortune, but hope it’s worth it!

    Look forward to following your adventures.

    Hope to hear back from you two soon!

    Donna x

    • Hi Donna – great to hear from you! It’s nice to hear from fellow Brits who have made the move to Norway and it sounds like you guys have really settled in! Did you bring the cats and dogs with you from Scotland – complete with passports? We have been to a few Norwegian lessons – Eliot booked the first one to start 3 weeks after we moved to Norway!!!! We recently tried the Berlitz course which is also expensive but certainly helped us. We have never ventured down to Tønsberg so we may make a trip one day and perhaps meet you for a coffee!
      Sarah x

  4. p.s. It’s David’s 50th Birthday today and we are going out (rare event) for a meal tonight!

    Donna x

  5. Great blog and I am impressed about everything I have learned about my own country by reading it! :-)

    • Thanks Nina – I really enjoy writing it – I have so many more things to comment on, finding the time is most difficult!

  6. Hi Sarah :)

    This is a great blog! So much fun reading about all the things you figure out about us crazy norwegians :) You were soo brave to join Queens art, and we love having you there :) Thursday nights are the best :) Og du har blitt flink til å snakke og forstå norsk.

    Klem fra Kristine (the tall one who wants to be an actress) ;)

    • Glad you enjoy it Kristine – I couldn’t resist writing something about our little community at Queens Art. When we appear on X Factor or Norske Talenter I will write another post :-)

  7. Hello from Sweden!

    Thank you for your excellent blog about our colony ;)

    Did you know that the Swedes are keeping up the service sector in Norway. I think its about 60000 Swedes living and working only in Oslo, and the Norwegians loves us!

    Good luck in Norway, good move….

    • Thanks Joakim for the comment and I did laugh at the “colony” comment! We are so lucky to live here and earlier this year when we watched the biathlon we did notice the Swedish residents in Oslo coming out in full force supporting Swedish athletes – blue and yellow flags everywhere. It’s great practice for us…we get to learn Norwegian and Swedish at the same time!

  8. Hi Guys,

    Just a quick note too say what a great blog you have. We to have made the move from England to Norway. We moved to Sandefjord, Vestfold in December 2008, and after a tricky first year we love it here. My wife is Norwegian, originally from Oslo but after we met on a ‘chaps’ holiday in Greece, she moved to England for the past 15 years. Our daughter Mia Isabella was born in the Uk but holds a Norwegian passport, and goes to an International School here. I work for a UK Translation company covering the Scandinavian region, which is much better than being based in London as I was before.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Hi David
      So sorry – just saw this comment that you wrote last month! How lovely to hear from you. Glad you like the blog. Have been a bit slow just recently – must be the cold! Have you got snow in Sandefjord yet? We have up here.

  9. If you guys are ever feeling lonely in Norway and miss the British newspapers then read my daily review of British papers at midnight: http://tinyurl.com/393dddn

  10. Hi Sarah and Eliot,
    I am a Revisions Coordinator for DK Travel Guides based in London and I currently have some work available on our Eyewitness Guide to Norway. I came across your blog and wondered if you might be interested in working on this guide. Please do get in touch if you would like further information.
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Alison – how super! We would love to help on the guide and share our insights on Norway. Such a fascinating and beautiful country…it would be a delight to help. I’ll email you so you have my email address.

  11. Thank U so much for putting together this blog ! It is AMAZING !!!
    I have always loved Norway and I plan on being there next May… And your blog has been such a beautiful thing to me.. Filled with fun-facts, valuable information and just a very warm, friendly feeling ! It’s the best I’ve come across in many years. And more importanly… it makes me feel a bit closer to the country I wish to live in one day ….
    Thank U again, for taking the time to do this ! I hope it continues. My very best to you and yours !

    Nicky Zaccone
    ( You can also find me on Facebook under this name… I dont use ” Nicky” that often)

    • Hi Nick – thank you for your wonderful comments and sorry for the late reply. It’s so lovely to read comments from readers and I’m so glad that you found it useful. Stay tuned…I have more to come. This summer I’m planning a trip to the west coast so I’m hoping to get some good photos of the dramatic fjords! Thanks once again.

  12. thank you! for all information you have.

  13. Hi Sarah & Eliot, congratulations on the birth of your daughter, so pleased all is well.

    Sounds like you are having a great time and enjoying the new life style in Norway.

    Kym & I are well but miss the family, even though we’ve managed to return every six months, although we are enjoying the change of life style like you.

    We managed to met the new owners of 7 Saxon Court on our last visit, they seem very nice people, but I guess we won’t see much of them!

    Kym now has a permanent job here, so we are in the process of applying for permanent residency.

    We still have the same tenants and have decided not to sell at the moment, we will see how the market goes.

    We wish you and the family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, this will be our first Christmas in Oz and away from the family, but have booked New Year in Sydney, so think of us when you see the New Years Eve fireworks!

    Take care and best wishes for 2012, Kym and Lynn. xx

    • Great to hear from you both! Yes, we’re enjoying our life in Norway. Sounds like life is good for you guys too! Merry Xmas to you all and enjoy the Sydney fireworks – would love to see that one day! Eliot, Sarah and Lizzie xxx

  14. Hi,
    I have just moved to Norway myself and your blog has been comforting, inspiring and fun to read all at once. Thank you so much!
    I have started a blog of my own about my experiences in Trondheim.

    • Fantastic – thanks for your comment Clare and good luck with the blog! It’s so much fun :-)

  15. i love your blog its really intresting im thinking of going university in norway but im not sure yet im looking at my options . i just love everything about Scandinavian countries the coloured houses and so on im looking foward to reading more :)

    • Great Mona – hope you do get to Norway – it is such a lovely country.

  16. Hei Sarah & Elliot, as the latest expat to arrive from England’s green shores to Norway’s (sometimes) green shores I wanted to say hello. I am living near to Bergen. How has your adjustment been, especially with the language? I am keen to hear.

    • Hi Danny – Velkommen til Norge! Bergen is such a lovely city – you lucky thing. Any snow at the moment? Adjustment has been pretty good. It’s better if you’re working so you get to meet folks and build a social network. The language…well…lets just say after 2 years of lessons Eliot and I are still speaking English. I feel an absolute failure on that part to be honest – that said, I do understand a lot and can listen to the radio/watch TV and pretty much follow the conversation. It’s the speaking part of it. Really shy because it takes so long to get the words out! You taking a course?

  17. Hei Sarah. Thanks for the reply. I start my classes next month, although I hear quite a bit when people speak. I just don’t know how to reply. I really want to make an effort to learn. It’s the small things that I notice are different here. For example NOTHING being open on a Sunday, and bizarre licensing laws.

    All of that to one side, I know that I have made the best decision of my life coming out here.

  18. Hi Sarah,

    So glad I found your blog! I’m from the UK, (from Leicester actually, what a small world!) and I’m currently torn between a life here or a life in Norway. My partner is originally from a small town in Norway, and we’re now looking ahead to try and to decide where would be best to start our lives together once we’ve both finished training to become teachers. Norway is much safer and healthier than Leicester, but I’m worried about the lack of opportunities in a small town for a non-Norwegian and the general cultural differences.

    Having been through this all yourself, would you have any advice for me?
    Best of luck for your move back to the UK by the way. :)

    • Hi Christine – wow, it is a small world. I haven’t been to Leicester for many years and I’m not sure I have much call to move back there now my parents and brother are in Hampshire. I guess home is where the heart is. Sounds like a good opportunity for you and if you’re training to be a teacher I don’t think you would have too much of a problem in Norway since teachers are needed everywhere! That said, I’m not too familiar with the profession. I did a little searching for you (in my best Norglish – although your partner probably has better insight) and it might be worth you contacting institutions like the NLA (http://www.nla.no/) or the Union Of Education (http://www.utdanningsforbundet.no/skjulte-sider/Supportmeny/English/) to see if they can put you in touch with other English teachers working in Norway. Good luck. Life is an adventure. I say “go for it!”

  19. Could someone translate ” On your Confirmation Day, into Norwegian please.

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