Language: Questions

Here are the key words to use when asking questions…watch out for “Hvor” …they’re tricky and can catch you out depending on whether you use “Hvor” on it’s own or “Hvor” followed by “mye” or “mange”…

Hva = What
Hva vil du ha? = What will you have?

Hva slags = What kind
Hva slags klær trenger jeg? = What kind of clothes do I need?

Hvem = Who
Hven skriver du til? = Who do you write to?

Hvor = Where
Hvor bor han? = Where lives he?

Hvor mange = How many
Hvor mange frimerker vil du ha? = How many stamps will you have?

Hvor mye = How much
Hvor mye koster det? = How much costs it?

Hvordan = How
Hvordan går det? = How goes it?

Hvorfor = Why
Hvorfor kjøper han sjokolade? = Why shops he for chocolate?

Hvilken = Which (masculine/feminine)
Hvilken dag kommer du? = Which day will you come?

Hvilket = Which (neutral)
Hvilket stoppested er det? = What is stopping it?

Hvilke = Which (plural)
Hvilke dager går du på kurs? = Which days go you to the course?

Når = When
Når kommer du? = When come you?

You need to alter the question to suit the sex of the object you’re asking about e.g.
Hvor stor er byen? = How big is the city? (masculine/feminine)
Hvor stort er huset? = How big is the house? (neutral)
Hvor store er barna? = How big are the children? (plural)

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