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First of all, thank you for visiting our blog! 

Unlike normal websites, blogs are online diaries and are generally organsied by either date or by category.  It occured to me the other day that it’s a little difficult to navigate this blog unless you know your way around and you just might miss some interesting topics relating to Norwegian culture so here’s a quick guide!

How To Navigate This Blog:

By Category:  On the left hand menu there’s a heading called “Interesting Topics”.  You can select one of those and find posts that way

By Date:  On the left hand menu there’s another heading called “Previous Posts”.  Select the drop down box and choose a month

Latest Posts:  If you click on the title “A New Life In Norway” at the top of the page, you’ll get the latest blog posts on one page – you just need to scroll down some way


  1. I want to hear more about growing potatoes in Norway. Do alot of gardenners grow poatoes, which varieties? Do they not get frosted and waterlogged how are they cooked. I suppose most will buy in the supermarkets?

    • Hi John – thanks for your questions. Whilst I’m not an expert I did find this video online which I think will show you tricks of the trade to growing potatoes in Norway. Mandel potatoes some to be most popular in the supermarkets. Translated this means “Almond Potatoes” – not great for cooking to be honest. Most folks boil them and serve them with every meal. Bit like the Irish in that respect :-)

  2. Hi Sarah- I’ve read much of your blog with interest, as I’ll be relocating to Norway from the US early next year! I found it interesting the things you brought to Norway, and now the ‘survival kit’ you’re bringing away :) I have a very limited relocation budget- so I will have to ship things very slowly, and will try to get a furnished apartment to start with. I think I read that you brought almost all of your possessions with you- if you had to think of what items you would have brought with you, had you known what would be expensive to replace, or couldn’t find in Norway, what would they be?

    • Hi Trish – thanks for your comment and sorry I’m late in replying. In my experience I would suggest that you source big items (that will cost quite a bit of space in transportation) in Norway. There’s always IKEA and where everyone sells everything from tumble dryers and beds to houses and cars. You can pretty much source everything on Finn if you don’t want to buy new. You can really bag a bargain and you’ll be amazed what people will give away for free (select “Gis Bort” on Finn). So in hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have taken stuff like beds, sofas etc. Electrical items are not too bad to buy but you can source most items of Finn in used condition for a good price. I would take clothes, shoes, curtains and bed linen – they’re all pretty expensive. Hope that helps a little.

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