Posted by: Sarah | October 10, 2010

Hiking In Oslomarka

Sunday is typically går på tur day when people across the country will be out walking so not wanting to miss out on this tradition, Eliot and I joined the crowd last Sunday.  Target = a hytte.  These are little huts dotted in the mountains that provide food, drink and sometimes a place to sleep if you’re taking an extra long hike.  This particular hytte prided itself on fresh bread and cakes…yum!  Shame it was closed when we got there.

 The thing is, Norwegians seem to be born with a natural sense of direction that enables them hike through the woods and forests without a getting lost.  It’s very hard to find “trails for beginners” on the web so for someone like me who “could get lost in a paper bag” (quote Dad), wandering in the great wilderness can be a worrying experience.   

…That was until I discovered a fantastic little App for my iPhone called EveryTrail which plotted our trail as we walked so no matter where we ended up, I still knew where the car was.  Perfect!  Not only that, every time I took a photo it plotted it onto the trail.  For the more advanced hikers a Satmap is a great choice.   

You can take a look our walk below…

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. It only took hiking in the woods once for me to absolutely fall in love with it – this was me with the flu and an achey body to boot. There was something about it that just felt so right.. and the yummy waffles at the quaint little cabin was icing :)

    And you’re so right about the Weegies’ sense of direction, my friend was bang on.. even in the bit where I swear he had to pretend we were lost.

    About four weeks on, I’m missing my time in Oslo.. all of it! Perth is gorgeous and the beach has been brilliant – I’m in two minds about which I love more.

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