Posted by: Sarah | August 4, 2009

Brown Cheese Please


Today, my colleagues at SAP gave me a wonderful birthday present.  In an effort to help me adapt to the Norwegian lifestyle, the book “Brown Cheese Please” highlights the habits of the Norwegian people, their culture and the lifestyle.  I couldn’t put the book down – it really is quite accurate from what we have seen so far.

For anyone moving to Norway, it’s a great start and gives a real insight into the Norwegian attitude to life in a light hearted and humourous way.  I’ve attached some images below.










  1. I was just looking for images of this book to put on my own blog as I just love that book! Having lived in the UK for a number of years, coming back to Norway again was a bit of a culture shock, and reading this book made me realise that I was not the only one thinking that Norwegians can be a bit strange at times. Great blog!

    • Hi Asta – great to hear from you. Yes, it is a super book and so many of the cartoons are accurate. I just love the one where a family drives to Sweden for a food shop – hilarious.

      Have you read her other book? Norsk Ikke Sant? That’s certainly worth a look.

  2. ,
    Hi Sarah from a Nottingham lad now living in Norway, I wondered if you could help me out? I sooooo want an image from the book, the one where the chairs in front of the windows showing different weather types and the Norwegian chairs are all empty. I’ve been trying to explain the image to my Norwegian friends as I think it describes the Norwegian psyche exactly.

    From looking at toddlers rolling around in the snow to men sitting outside perfectly warm cabins around an open fire when it’s 15 below!

    I have ‘wished’ for the book but until then……..

    Thanks if you are able to scan it! I going to take a look at your language posts now, sadly even though married for ten years plus (mostly abroad though) to a Norwegian my language is still sadly embarrassing :-(

    Hope this finds you after you’ve been out in the snow lol!
    Cheers for now

    Asker, Norway

    • Hi Ian – thank you for the comment. I know the image you’re referring to. It’s brilliant…not to mention spot on! My books are somewhere in a box – we haven’t managed to unpack them yet so can’t easily get to it but when I do, I’ll send it over. I hope you’re enjoying Norway as much as I did. I heard the snow came a little later this year so I guess you’re enjoying the winter now! My husband is back in Asker this week with work (since we’ve now moved back to the UK). Will le tyou know if I find the image. :-)

      • Yes, the snow certainly took it’s time this year, but it’s soon caught up! Been sledging on the beautiful powder with the kids today, we have a great place just before Hvalstrand, 1 mins from home, perfect!

        Understand about the boxes, (been there a few times!) I’ll look forward to seeing the pic if you find it one day!

        Hope the move back to the UK went well for you guys, it’s nice to be closer to family. There’s nothing like being there and able to help out at a moments notice.
        Good luck!

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